I haven't really been here much in the last 4 years. We adopted Brian, aged 7 now, a few years ago. He has seizures which we just can't get a handle on. He was just started on vim pat last week ( currently 15 mg twice a day). He also takes 1250 of keppra twice a day, 10 mg of onfi at bedtime and the keto diet as well. He's still having 2- 5 short tonic/clinics a day. Last week he stopped breathing for 16 hours after having 4 seizures fairly close together. I think it may have been a near SUDEP but neuro insists "he just got tired". Luckily he has a trach and we had a ventilator handy. We see his neuro next week. I'm open to any suggestion for help.

Background: shaken baby at two months with severe damage. Much of brain replaced by CSR.