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Thread: November Roll Call

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    Default November Roll Call

    Sad to see there is so little activity here. I think some of the FB groups are much more active but there are disadvantages. Hard to find interesting old posts on FB. I do like Dr. Ford's group - Gluten Free Planet.

    I am still exercising and seeing great improvement in strength and endurance. My heart seems to be behaving. I want to get up to WI to see my grandchildren. Trying to find a good time to do that.


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    Anne, good to hear your hearts behaving. As a Floridian, I just assumed northerners hibernated in the winter months. You won't catch me outside in cold weather. : )

    I'm still fighting whatever is causing my me/cfs. The Paleo low oxalate diet is still my best option. Juicing greens, etc helps too. I never felt the energy boost from eating veggies as I do from juicing them.

    I'm in the process of giving up melatonin and 5htp for sleep. I was on these for 5-6 years everynite and was feeling too sluggish during the day. So far so good. Nothing spectacular to report mentally but I'm also in the process of downsizing and moving. Evidently I was a mini hoarder and didn't know it. lol.

    tc. Marcia

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    I'm here! I can't believe the year is nearly over. I'm having issues with my back and hips and at least now I know it isn't AS. I'm off all meds at the moment, just trying to hang in there without them, but I have to deal with pain all day. Ugh. I hope I can find something to work.

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    I've also had to face my mini hoarding as I prepare to move. It sure takes a long time to go through all this stuff. Then there is the kids stuff that I have to get them to through. It'll keep me busy for the winter months.

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    Hi all. I agree, Anne, this isn't as busy as it has been. I hope everyone is doing well, or better. I can't believe where this year has gone.

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    Just returned from a couple of trips. Saw my brother and his wife in Texas at the end of October, and was home for one day, had to go across the state and then had to get ready to leave for MO.

    Had a wonderful weekend with my son and his family and my grandkids too. Able to walk a 5K without a lot of difficulty, and at the best time since my foot injury in 2010. I was quite pleased.

    Had some teaching opportunities when eating out. One little waitress did not know about gluten issues and I left my Triumph dining card with her. She was interested in learning about the
    gluten free diet.

    Most recent tests for the thyroid antibodies show that they are still elevated, but lower than they have ever been. I was pleased that they are going in the right direction.

    Anne, glad that you are doing well and enjoying the workouts.

    Nancy, hope that you will find out what is causing the pain. Daily pain is very wearing or at least that was my experience with it.

    Stephanie, Good luck with the move. It has been almost a year here and I am still dealing with stuff, but much better. Do not worry, the junk catalogues will find you sooner than the companies that you notify about your change of address.

    Marcia, Good luck with your move too. Glad to read that you are enjoying the green juice and that it is helping.


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    I guess I hadn't mentioned, but I had an MRI done on my back and there's spinal degeneration and arthritic narrowing that they think is impinging on nerves. I guess it is pretty common. I'm not a fan of steroid injection as they've never really worked for me in the past, and this one didn't either. I will try to be stricter on my paleo diet. Maybe it is time to try to completely excise nightshades, nuts and seeds. Not that I eat a lot of them.

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    ouch nancy, sounds painful. hope you can get some relief for your pain!

    great news on your heart behaving anne. hope you can get up to see your grandkids soon!

    hope your move goes well marcia and you continue to figure out the me/cfs.

    hope your move goes well too stephanie. you never know how much stuff you have until you have to pack it up to move!

    canoe, glad you had some fun trips and your antibodies are going in the right direction!

    nick just had his first tonic clonic (grand mal) seizure. he's been having partial seizures for most of his life (he's 20 now) but this is the first time it progressed into a generalized seizure. hoping it was a one time event but unfortunately, that seems unlikely. otherwise he's doing well though.

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    Louanne, I am so sorry to read about Nick's grand mal seizure. Hopefully it was a very random thing that will not be repeated. It is good to hear that he has been doing well otherwise. I still can't believe he is 20.

    I have mostly been eating a grain free diet (in addition to gluten, dairy, egg, soy, legume and citrus free). I have noticed slight improvements in my overall well being since I quit eating grains. It is hard to describe but I feel stronger and more centered. I have had noticed small improvements-like doing a pose in yoga that I would not have attempted previously. I already miss my garden and the outdoor swimming pool. I think I will have to start swimming inside because that was good cardio for me and I have missed it. I really dislike the exposure to the chlorine (which seems stronger in the indoor pool) when I swim inside so I will have to weigh the benefits once I start.

    My MIL has had stomach problems for years and I have repeatedly suggested she try a gluten free diet (she was tested for Celiac and it was negative--the biopsy report showed only one duodenum biopsy was collected). She recently told me she was listening to some TV commentator who said he went gluten free and is feeling much better so she thinks maybe she should try it. Sheesh--at least it will make hosting Thanksgiving easier because she and her daughter will not be bringing their wheat crackers and stuffing like last year.


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    The more of the people around us that go gluten free the less likely we are to have cross contamination problems caused by them. And: bonus, if they are gluten intolerant, we may have fewer mood swings to deal with too. I never looked at those smiles before. There is different than usual variety here.

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