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Thread: picture feature misbehaving :(

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    Default picture feature misbehaving :(

    hey mike!

    i put up a bunch of pics of my garden flowers in the "what's happenin" thread in the emotional support forum.

    i went to "advanced" when i downloaded them. when i did a "preview" i saw all the attachments as pictures. i posted it and then went back to add another pic and it had changed to attachments, but you could click on each labelled "Attachment" and the pic would pop up in another window. i went back to the advanced and saw that they had changed back to real pics. so i closed the browser, but didn't sign out.

    i came back an hour or so later cause i wanted to add another pic and i saw the pics were back to being labelled "attachments" and now, when i click on each attachment number, it goes to a page that says, "invalid link. if you have followed a valid link and you see this, please notify the administrator"...or something pretty close to that.

    is everything working okay for the picture or image function?

    thanks ,

    okay, i have redone all the pics and they are showing up as pics now. i didn't use the advance function though, just the edit on the "post reply now" feature. maybe something is wrong with the advanced feature?
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