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Thread: Has LDN ever been used for myeloproliferative diseases?

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    Lightbulb Has LDN ever been used for myeloproliferative diseases?

    I posted this on Sally's thread about LDN, but I decided to give it more exposure by posting here.
    I have Polycythemia Vera, a disease where bone marrow makes too many platelets and red cells.
    This can cause stroke, although the proliferation is not malignant. It is considered rare, like two other diseases I have, Porphyria and Monoclonal Gammopathy. If anyone knows anything let me know. I have failed six attempts at chemotherapy because of wretched side effects, especially such painful feet that I almost could not walk and nearly lost a toe. I tried both Hydrea and Interferon A, 3 forms of the latter.


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    Hi Mariel,
    I don't see any myeloproliferative diseases listed on the LDN Website where there is a list of diseases that LDN might help.

    I don't see LDN mentioned among the possible treatments for LDN here:

    If you want to do a more thorough search, you might be able to find some instances where it's been tried. My guess is that those would be unusual though.
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    :o Go to the search mode at the bottom of this alternative medicine board. I have been going to it for over 10 years and it is where I learned about LDN which I have been on for almost 12 years.

    There is probably a link to Brenda's LDN board. That would be a good place to start. Web site:

    Jeanie :o

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