I need your help please. I was recently diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. Although I am currently on Sinemet, I would appreciate being able to communicate with others with this condition so I know what to expect and what to worry about or not worry about. I don't have access to the internet, Email, or even phone because I am incarcerated. I only see a neurologist once a year! Out of 1200 inmates I am the only one with Parkinson's! I understand the natural fear of writing an inmate you don't know, but I am only looking for help and support about this disease that I am not getting on the prison yard. If you would be willing to write to me my address is:

Brad Platt #211887
ASPC-CACF 5031-843
Box 9600
Florence, AZ 85132

Thanks in advance,

The family of Brad