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    I had the surgery by Dr. Peter Jennetta and it was a success! I had the decompression surgery in 1994.
    I have a friend here in TN that has trigeminal and is not doing well, I have told her to get in touch with the hospital.
    My reason for this post: I contracted Ramsay Hunt (shingles in the face, eye, ear area), my friend in TN also has contracted Ramsay Hunt along with Ramsay Hunt. I was wondering if anyone that has trigeminal has had Ramsay Hunt as well.
    Thank you!

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    I am glad the surgery was a success. I do not know of anyone who has ramsey hunt. I am fearful of any surgeries and dread having to even be in a hospital as I am getting to be in the catgory of not having antibiotics work well for me. I had cellulitis this summer and the medicine did not work and had to be in hospital. went home with more antibiotics to make sure it was gone. and now it looks like it may be returning and this time on both legs.

    I always thought it was odd that I also had menieres disease and was afraid that I was going to have more crainial nerve damages. it must been awful having shingles is such sensitive places.

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