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    Hello everyone! How are y'all doing? It has been quite some time since I could come visit the forum. Rae has been mostly pain free for sometime. She has some bad days around that time of the month, but other than that we are off meds, for now anyway.

    She was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I think she is collecting odd diagnoses now. Aspergers (rare in girls), hormone induced diabetes (still rare and being researched), and TN (which being diagnosed at age 3 is super rare).

    But man is she smart! Super smart in math and science. And beautiful!

    If I knew how to post her picture I would. You would not believe how she has grown!

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    hello. yes I hope the fact that there are not frequent post here is that people are not having hits frequent. but even I kno9w that it is all but impossible to be on computer when those dratted pain strikes you.

    I cannot imagine a little child having tn. unfair comes to mind but I also know that it is never any use in trying to put any kind of pain in a category. I would love to see a picture but I have not mastered putting pictures on myself.

    I remember having a lot of things crop up with me before I finished withmy monthly periods. Some even said it was more common in women & I thought unfair. I was thinking be done with this menopause crud fast as it seemed everything came with it, migraines. TN, menieres, etc. in fact I did have to get on pain medicine reguraly and I still am on it. I won a red tool box once when I went to a firefighters meeting and I promptly got a combination lock for it as I had young kids & now have grand kids.

    it makes it easy to just toss in any jewelry in case I may want to wear, lock it up and pack tool box in back when we go on trips. I have all my medicine handy this way. I hope daughter does not have additional things as she grows older. poor kid has enough already!

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    Let us see if that works, shall we?
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    aw she is so beautiful. those eyes. I just hate to think of her having the painful stuff at her young age. and diabetes as well, wow a lot going on.

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    I agree she is breath taking. But I am sort of biased. LOL

    She is strong and has a strong personality! Her father and I are working on her to use that strength at the right times. Because she can be quite hardheaded!!! She is not yet a teenager and, even though I have 2 teens already, I am sure she is going to give me a run for my money!

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    well we jhave one grand daughter age 13. headstrong IS A GOOD CHOICE OF WORDS sorry about caps. I am glad you gave me a good word to use so I will say that is true of grand dqaughter. my hubby says she gets so many things going. I think he has forgotten how much energy some youth have since we have so little ourself these days. lol. .

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    Mostly pain free and off meds:) I do hope Rae stops collecting odd diagnoses.

    Thank you for sharing! bob
    Nothing new is going to happen yesterday.

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