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Thread: Anyone know how to donate your brain for epilepsy research?

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    I carry a card that says my body - all of it - belongs to the medical school attached to the hospital that preformed the surgery to remove a tumor and stop my seizures. I've paid a local funeral home to carry my body to the school if they still want it (They won't accept overly fat bodies). Also paid for is cremation of my body if it is not sent to the school. Everything is paid for and programmed and not refundable. Whew.

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    Default In our case, receiving institution shall perform "most" tasks.

    In our situation, the brain is the only organ that is being donated.

    As our designated mortuary does not support the activity to remove the brain (the mortuary only performs removals of corneas)) we already know that the receiving institution shall make all arrangements to remove the brain and to bring the remains to the mortuary for the planned funeral services.

    We mention the forgoing as the institution receiving the tissue has overcome similar hurdles and has the means to effect a satisfactory donation.

    Afterwards there shall be a religious service at a Catholic Church followed by interment at a National Cemetery as I am a Navy veteran.

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