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Thread: How's about a "Summer 2012" thread?

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    i still remember seeing an older woman in a kayak at the lake we go to sometimes. was i ever surpeised later to read an article in newspaper with picture of her going down the Mississippi from top to bottom in her kayak.

    and here all i wanted to do for the longest is to see where the miss. entered the ocean, lol. haven't got to yet. i did however get to see where the AR river starts in CO. required some walking but it was in 08 and i pushed myself with all the excitement just from seeing parts of that beautiful state. i don't know but if i would chose that same state to g back to buyt of course i'd love to see mt rushmore, and places like that

    grand canyone i literally just drove by and hubby took me to look down one spot and i did see lightning strike down a canyon. just more beautiful than a picture that was on the state map at the time. awesome. of course i did not see any of the 10,000 lakes in MN when i went to mayo clinic either.
    fair statement to say hubby does not like to travel. he did however take my mother with us to calif on one trip way back when we were 1st married a few years. that counted big and i later was sorta sorry we spent all the time at relatives and none sightseeing. what a long trip and i enjoyed all of it even the exhausting trip back when we had to go without sleep and push to get back intime for work. ah youth, lol.

    aw now i do recall the reason, we did see thethose monster carlsbad caverns and from there we were late.
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