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    Default been in hospital

    i already posted somewhere that i had an infection get to far advanced before i knew it. i had been to doctor and they did check for blood clots because of how i described my pain and all. hubbby said it looked like celluitis to him.

    so after they did not find clots i was given med for celluitis. i have never had it as bad as this time. took med from wednesday til Sunday and it only worsenedi. so had to go to emergency room and was admitted and kept about a week..

    my leg looks like it had a bad burn. after i came home they sent someone to keep my leg bandaged and also had to go see a wound specialist. i go back this friday and hope the wound doctor dismisses me. then see my regular doctor on the 20th.

    leg had just now started less swelling so i can be up some. i am so weak, i am use to foot injuries but this zapped me of any strength. so no riding jet ski at all this summer, not even going to lake for one trip.

    i have been looking for addresses and can not find any. both of the laptops i had are broke and i do not have any phone numbers etc. i have been thinking aboput everyone and hoping things are okay with all. will resume looking for address and phone numbers. sure hope hubby did not throw my book that i kept that sort of information in. his ideal of cleaning is different from mine. he throws just about everything away while i try and hang onto evertthing.

    sure hope julia is lot better and that no one else has had illness or injury this summer. take care.

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    Joy, been wondering about you! sorry to hear about your new problams. forgot you loast all our information. I'll drop a noote or call soon.I still can't type worth a hhot. forgive the mistakes. sure wish could see some improvement in my brais function. taking my B12 everyday. fact is my body is falling apart along with my mind. housemate said I can get a claning person so getting geared up for that. just can't stand the filth anymore! yard is bad also but I just keep my mouth zipped.

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    Joy, hope you feel better soon. I have missed you and everyone else. Hugs to you!
    Take care,

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    oh it is so good to hear from you all. it was scary when i did get to be up and check in here as it looked like place had been empty for a long while. swelling has gone down a lot in leg so i can be up a tad more now. still having to see a wound doctor tho and right leg is bandaged. looks awful and is deep red still. but yay!! i took last antibiotic yesterday and doc said to watch it and hopefully i won't have to be on any more. each time like this just weakens my resistance to antibiotics and i fear this is only a little bit of my future. i have a lot of compassion for young kids, babies even who have to be on antibiotics constantly because i know how easy it is to get resistant to drugs. so nice to see some posting here.

    school starts and where did summer go is what i am wondering.

    pati so glad you will get to have help cleaning. sounds fair to me. i know you are not feeling top notch when i see you have not done any p[lanting etc or mentioning animals. my doctor has me on vitamin D now also. but i do tend to forget that B12 some and i know better. good that i am rfeminded now by your mentioning it.

    dawn did youi get to do any camping? wedding may have taken up a lot of time and energy i realise. well i go see regular doctor for follow up tuesday so will get back and get leg up so i will get a good report. at least leg isn't twice the size of other one now.
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