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Thread: Botox Injections Anyone?

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    Default Botox Injections Anyone?

    Has anyone here had injections for MS spasticity? I've had a problem with my hip adductors causing lots of pain lately. I went back to the pain management doc who has given me cortisone injections in my lower back in the past and he ordered a x- ray of hips even tho the pain is in my groin area and it really hurts to just stand and walk. Hips are not in need of replacement but I need injections for trochanteric bursitis.

    While researching other alternatives I came across an article on using botox injections for treatment of hip adductor spasticity in multiple sclerosis. This was just a study done back in 2000. I'm going to call the MS center tomorrow to see if my neuro does this.

    Has anyone had any botox injections for spasticity and if so did it help? I've tried baclofen but it didn't help me.

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    Default Botox

    I first became aware of using Botox for spasticity when I met someone who was getting it in her neck. She was thrilled with the relief from the pain. I plan to contact a urologist to use it for bladder problems. I met someone who gets it every six months and it has eliminated her MS bladder problems. I have the names of two docs in my area.

    Wouldn't it be just wonderful to get relief?!

    Keep us posted about what you do.

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    I tried it once- mega injections for leg and torso spasticity.
    Didn't work for me.

    Can't use baclofen due to allergic reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renee View Post
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    I tried it once- mega injections for leg and torso spasticity.
    Didn't work for me.

    Can't use baclofen due to allergic reaction.
    Did it, at least, remove your wrinkles? LOL!
    Love, Sally

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