I am new to this site, but wondered if anyone could help me with my MRI results. I have an appt. with neurologist in 2 weeks but results were emailed to me.

I am 49 year old woman, non-smoker, no high blood pressure/diabetes. My background consists of 10+ years of leg pain (including cramping, limb jerking/twitches), vision disturbances, tingling on right side of face, sharp pains in toes, constipation, gastro problems, now problems with memory, confusion and saying wrong word when speaking.

The following is the MRI results: is mild periventricular foci of T2 hyperintensity, likely secondary to chronic white matter ischemic disease.

However the bottom says No intracranial abnormality seen to explain patient's symptoms.

If anyone can help me prior to speaking with my neurologist that would be great. Kind of surprised they sent me results before my neurologist saw the report and results. Worrying all weekend since prior MRIs showed no abnormality.

Thank you.