I have been a member of this site for almost 5 years, due to an accidential cervical dural puncture, multiple blood patches, and a subsequent brain clot, which has resolved.

I've had multiple daily headaches for all those years, and treated with every modality known to medical science (I'm sure a lot of you can relate!).

Last night I met Dr. Chou, my 7th neurologist, practicing at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. She spent 3 hours going over my extensive medical records and films, and concluded I don't have a spinal leak issue, but definitely have multiple daily migraines. Plus, the pain meds - Percocet and Fioricet - that I must take daily to function have actually further aggravated the already distressed nerve endings in my brain.

I am the eternal optomist, as I'm sure anyone with chronic pain tries to be, but her diagnosis is the first that truly resonates.
She recommends I undergo 2 days of Depacon Infusions to break the pain cycle, then I'll start on migraine meds. Has anyone had these infusions? What side effects can I expect? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Best to all ---