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Thread: Is there a link from using iPads to having seizures?

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    Default Is there a link from using iPads to having seizures?

    I LOVE my iPad. I use it all the time. However I seem to notice that while using is it, I start to get nauseated and dizzy. Then I had a seizure out of the nowhere. I looked it up on Google and 'yes' others have experienced the same ill feelings. There probably should be some sort of warning label...your thoughts...

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    Hi webnut,

    Welcome to the forum! The link between IPads and sz. (seizures) is that a person may be photosensitive which means when they are looking at the IPad screen there may be certain colors that are triggering the sz. I found out yrs. ago that I
    was photosensitive to certain colors like flourscent green, amber, and bright white like when the sun shines on the snow. This could be the problem you are having try to tone down the color so it's not so bright and see if that helps you. I had
    a special e.e.g. done to see what colors were triggering my sz. the e.e.g. tech would flash a different color strobe light one at a time and that's when they were able to find out what colors triggered sz. for me. I wish you the best of luck and
    May God Bless You!


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