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    Unhappy First post

    Hi my name is Jennifer and I have psoriasis but was recently told all of my neurological symptoms stem from a b12 deficiency and was recently told on top of my biologics for my psoriasis that I will have to take b12 shots once a month forever and this idea scares me. I would like to make some new friends that understand the pain and struggle of daily life.

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    Welcome to BT tink

    We do have a vitamins & supplements forum here, it's not very active lately but there are others taking b12 shots. You can check out that forum by clicking the following link ....
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    aaa-ha ! so I find you here, after I welcome you elsewhere, LOL. my hubby has psoriasis really bad as well. So much so that we have flakes everywhere. It seems any place he has an injury will eventually end up with a patch of red angry spots etc. Flakes is always happening and keeps me busy sweeping and all. He too was low of b12 tho I don't think that will chnage anything even when he gets his numbers higher.
    His doctor said he could lie in sunbed and that would help. but hubby prefers to go without a shirt in summer some. He has a spot on chest that covers it, from top to bottom. And other places as well but none as bad as that one place.

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    hey jennifer !

    glad you found us here at BT and welcome!

    i know the idea of having to take medication for the rest of your life can seem scary, but all of us with neuro probs are on medication for life for our probs.

    it's great that your doc says many of your neurological probs can be helped by a once a month b12 shot! i had to have b12 shots once after a pregnancy and other than going to the doctor every month, they weren't bad. some people's bodies do not absorb b12 in sufficient quantities to help and thus need the larger doses in injections.

    i don't know if you've asked your doctor about taking b12 tabs in between appointments to perhaps make your levels better? Jarrow's makes a sublingual (under the tongue) b12 tab and the body absorbs this form of b12 quickly. of course, you still might have to take the b12 all your life.

    i see you've found our emotional support forum !. it's great that you have a family to lean on for support. i am sure that having a better quality of life by taking b12 is worth it so that you can enjoy many happy years with your family! join us in emotional support! we all have different probs and we all can empathize if you need to vent or just have some fun and not think about probs so much.

    take care of yourself jennifer,
    WE ARE BT!
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    Welcome to BT. I always notice if I forget to take my B12. it will improve your life & maybe you can get by with the pill disolve under your tongue after your number gets up.join us on emotional support & tell us about yourself if you want. I live near LaConner.

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    Welcome Jenifer. I have epilepsy & take a cocktail of meds. each day, for 23 years. I go to several rooms. I see you go it 'emotional support forum. Me too.
    Lorraine (lor)

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