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Thread: my cousin died of Leukemia

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    Unhappy my cousin died of Leukemia

    I found out today that my cousin died of Leukemia. I feel so sad for his family. He has a wife and kids and I am close to his father. I wish I could do something to help them. Is there anything you would suggest? He was such a nice guy and looked just like his dad. I wish this didn't happen to him. I don't think it has really hit me yet that he's dead. I found out in a note. When I read that he died I asked another family member to read the note to me again to make sure I had read the note correctly. I had unfortunately read it correctly. "Oh,no!" I said to myself. It reminded me of when I got an email saying my friend had miscarried but now it was a member of my own family. He had been trying to get a bone marrow transplant but I don't know the full details quite yet.I swear I would have given him my own bone marrow if I could have!! I had to write this somewhere. Thanks for reading.
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    I am so sorry about your cousin dying and what a loving jesture to know you would have given your marrow if you could have.
    I know when we can, we want to help our family if at all possible. that is what loving caring people do.
    Honey just know he is without pain and maybe you can reach out someway to his to his family , make a memory note telling them the wonderful things about him, they already know, but when others know.... it kinda gives a sense of comfort them celebrate his life with the little things that they may not know.
    I hope you and they can find comfort during this difficult time.

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    I am so very sorry for the loss of your cousin, and my prayers are with you and your family for healing, strength, and comfort.

    Time is the only remedy for the shock you are feeling now. Allow yourself time to grieve and feel your feelings.

    What has helped me the most in my times of grief have been unexpected kind and thoughtful gestures. A card or letter, expressing condolences and prayers, a book of poetry, something reflecting my loved one's personality.

    Do you have photos of your cousin through the years? Ones with you in them with him? Perhaps you could create a video tribute to your cousin, and distribute it to your family members. Choose music you believe suits him to accompany the video.

    Or use the photos to create a book of memories ~ in which you describe your fun times with him, with his family, and what you liked, admired, and loved about him.

    After Michael died, I wanted more than anything for people to talk about him, to tell me how he touched their lives and changed their perspectives.

    Offer your love, your listening ear, and your understanding ~ that is the greatest gift you can give to anyone, who is grieving. And be there for them a few months from now, after all others have gone on about their lives. It gets harder, before it gets easier. Months from now, your family will be needing more support, and they will be so grateful to you for being there for them, in whatever way you can.

    Prayers are on their way for you and your family ~ Peace Be With You ~

    Love & Light,

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