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Thread: Greetings - and a mystery to solve

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    Default Greetings - and a mystery to solve

    Thank you for allowing me to post on your forum.

    Although I realize that no one here can give medical advice, on a hunch I thought someone here might be able to figure this one out, or point me in a general direction.

    About 5 years ago I started hearing a strange "squirt" sound in my head, as if a pocket of fluid burst, I experienced no other symptoms, and because it happened so rarely, perhaps only once in a few months, I brushed it off.

    about three years ago I had a feeling there was water in my right ear, and could make it "woosh" if I moved my head fast enough, this lasted about 6 months and self resolved, no other symptoms.

    about two years ago I started experiencing more alarming symptoms, I would awaken at night smelling burning rubber or plastic, and have a metallic taste in my mouth, I also felt weirdly dissociated, this would resolve when I would sit upright for a while.

    about a year ago I started to have sudden episodes of burning rubber, metallic taste, dissociation while just walking around, this started to happen several times a day, sudden like there was a sort of "pop" or "woosh" in the back of my mind and then an electrical effect would spread across my mind/brain, eventually this escalated into my right arm going numb for a few minutes, micro-tremmors all over my skin, and a strong feeling of dread...

    I checked myself into an ER at that time because the numbness was similar to symptoms of a TIA

    They ran comprehensive blood with and a contrast and non contrast MRI, and was psyche evaled, nothing strange was found, I was accused of just making it up.

    with a 10 K bill I can't pay.

    Now I can cause many of these symptoms by remaining in a prone position for a period of time, usually in about 5 to ten minutes, as my brain "settles" to the back of my skull

    I have also been experiencing episodes of pins and needles on the distal parts of my left arm skin, as well as the left side of my neck, and occasional experience brief but extremely sharp spikes of electricity at the base of my tongue, like a high voltage spike.

    I experience this burning smell, metallic taste, and low voltage electricity in "my brain" (hard to describe) almost every night (prone), sometimes parathesias all the way down the left arm to the fingers, nd a new one today, the skin of my left thigh, as well as tachycardia.
    dissociation is somewhat hard to describe, as if my "self" was shrinking down to a small size "like a marble" wierd, and a feeling of dread.

    I am self treating with magnesium supplements, as well as Vinpocitine and Anaracetam, in case it is a hypoxic condition, curiously the Anaracetam has changed the burning plastic smell to a bubblegum smell, Piracetam made it smell like cookies.

    any ideas where to look?
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    The tastes, the smells, and the low voltage electricity does sound like something related to epilepsy. Some extremly good sites are here, at and at neurotalk. I know you did extensive tests, but did you speak to a neurologist? MRI's only show structural abnormalities, EEG's are sometimes negative for a person who has epilepsy.


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