Hello all, I have been on Keppra for nearly 15 years and got blood work done last week. It appears there are some abnormalities with kidney function. Have any of you been on it long term or had kidney function to be affected? Maybe a Urinary Tract Infection or stone or blood in the urine? It is cleared through the kidneys, and I did some reading just now, and it can be related to kidney failure. I think that if that is it, kidney function will resolve if taken off of it. It has controlled my seizures what there are since I had surgery, but if I still need med which I think I do due to the kindled focus on the other side, I am not sure what to do. I will discuss it with my new Internist, but she doesn't know this medicine. I'd hate to start a new med at this late date. Any thoughts or experience with kidney function, labs, and Keppra or the generic? Thanks Tattoo