The Government tracks us in numerous ways. Look up and see all the camera's as you walk down the street and in stores - best to wear a baseball hat w/Visor and sunglass's, as it throws off Facial recognition. Social media - you bet your butt employers as well a the Government look at it don't do it - that post you thought was funny could come back and bite you in the butt. Your smart phone tracks you - if you don't need it, leave it in the car or at home. Be aware the government intercepts Every phone call and all Internet traffic. I have been in IT for OVER thirty years, have worked for defense contractors, the Telco. I am not paranoid and you ARE being watched. Google earth can pinpoint your home - The military dithers (scrambles the signal) so you can't read a license plate for example - THEY CAN. I am Glad I am as old as I am, My childhood was much better then what are kids have now - no recess, no looong summer vacation, let kids be kids for crying out loud. they are NOT miniature adults.
Thank you and remember our 1st.,2nd. 4th. and fifth amendment rights - look them up if you need to, but they are just a few of the most important ones (they are all important) and hold the government's feet to the fire on them. I hope I have not crossed T.O.S. but these things are what I believe in.