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Thread: copaxone - light sensitivity

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    Default copaxone - light sensitivity

    Copaxone says to protect it from light. I left an unopened package on a table yesterday afternoon in a room that gets very little light. Know his sounds crazy but it is still okay to use?

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    it should be fine. I'm pretty sure they mean long term in bright light. If you are very concerned call your pharmacist and ask.

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    Hi newone,

    This information may help:

    The recommended storage condition for the COPAXONEŽ Injection is refrigeration (2°C to 8°C / 36°F to 46°F). However, excursions from recommended storage conditions to room temperature conditions (15° to 30°C/ 59° to 86° F) for up to one week have been shown to have no adverse impact on the product. Exposure to higher temperatures or intense light should be avoided.

    I'm sure it's very bright light over a long period, as houghchrst said.
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