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    I have thought about going to a pain clinic. Has anyone had any experience with them?

    So i'm not sure what a pain clinic can do for me - any ideas?

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    yes I use to go to them. It is a toss up as people are different. Ihad a number of different types of pain tho. If you hurt really bad, it is worth a visit. Tell them everything and see if pain doc thinks it will help you.

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    Yep me too. I have a fantastic pain management doc. Got very lucky to have found him since I had already had two stints of needle jockey treatment with no meds from two different docs. My current pain doc gives me low lumbar back injections when I need them but also keeps me in pain meds when I need them.

    I knew I would like this doc as soon as my first visit, he took almost an hour to assess me and to talk.

    So I say beware the needle jockeys who want to do injections all the time but don't want to prescribe medication.

    Visit a couple of different ones until you find one you like. You are not obligated to see any doc just because he or she were your first visit.

    There are a lot of facets to pain management. I believe I mentioned therapy in one of your other posts about depression. Use them while you can. The whole you needs to be treated. Good luck hon.

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    Pain clinics are ok. Injections work for some - so you MAY want to try that route, particiularly if you have insurance to cover it, . I would also get his opinion of pain meds - I wish you the very best of luck. P.N. is NO joke - my feet esp. and other extremities are either numb, or hurt like the devil itself. Take care and blessings to you.
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