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Thread: Struggling with the tears

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    Default Struggling with the tears

    Wow - I thought I had beaten the depression part of this!

    Have any of you gotten help from counseling - to me it seems like if I talk it makes things worse :( I try to stay positive and maybe I'm asking too much of myself
    Any ideas?
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    Hi Annie and welcome. I don't have PN, at least not diagnosed yet, but I do suffer from chronic 24/7 pain so I know a bit about pain and I also suffer from severe depression, anxiety and a diagnosis of Bipolar II.

    I see a psychiatrist and a therapist. For me while by no means being a cure it sure helps. Even if I just see my therapist and sit and cry and rant I always feel lighter leaving. My psych is very good and while I am very med sensitive what little I can take is better than without. You don't have to take any meds you don't want to but most places the therapist will have you checked by a psych doc to try to assess your state for proper treatment therapy-wise.

    I hope you find some relief soon.

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