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    Hi,I'm from the UK. I have been diagnosed with an 8 mm carotid aneurysm and a piturity cyst. I'm terrified! I have to have a brain angiogram first, for them to decide if it's better to clip or coil the aneurysm. They misread my MRI scans three times, also a CT scan and a carotid artery scan. This was in four different Hospitals! I paid for another MRI which is how I had the diagnosis. The health board refuse to allow me to have surgery elsewhere, which means I have to find the money myself for the surgery as I am too afraid to have brain surgery locally. If anyone has had this procedure please post,thanks


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    Welcome Scarlet there is an aneurysm forum here somebody will get back with you. Weekends can be slow. You are welcome to post anywhere. Pretty busy in Emotional Support and some of the more common rooms.

    i hope you get some encouragement and some peace about it all.

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