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    Default Myoclonic Jerks

    I have had myoclonic jerks before but lately they seem to be happening more often. Does anyone know why this would happen? They aren't severe but it bugs me.
    Lorraine (lor)

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    Hi Lor,

    Sorry to hear that your having more myoclonic jerks. Have you had your drug level checked lately to make sure everything is okay and nothing you take is to low? This has caused me to have problems in the past. The only other thing
    that I can think of and I know it sounds weird is if the weather has been bad in your area it can cause more problems for some people with neuro problems, as well as headaches, back pain etc. This happens because the air gets heavier
    which in turn effects some peoples hormones and the hormones changing can trigger more neuro problems as well as back pain, headaches and some people get more moody. I finally found this info. out after yrs. of trying to figure
    out why I had more sz. right before a low pressure in the weather. Also if you have been drinking a lot of fliuds with the bad weather it can in turn trigger sz. and neuro problems. Here's wishing You Well and May God Bless You!


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    Hi Lor .
    My daughter has them too... they started when she was on a seizure meds. called Tegretol . she was on this medication for 10 years and it worked great never saw a seizure while she was on it !! When it started she would have little jerks which became big jerks that would take her right out of her chair sharing this with her neuro she told us she was have a side effect that tegretol can do and she called it Myoclonic jerks . I also was told if she would have to many they could turn to big grand malls which we have seen also . Yikes !! My daughter has the hardest kind of seizures to control refractory seizures. She still has myoclonic jerks in her sleep all night long after she has four of them in a one hour period I am to give her a clonazepam wafers for acute treatment of prolonged seizures she can only have one every six hour ,but only two a day . so after that we are heading to ER . Myoclonic jerks are also seizures ... Sue

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