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Thread: new sleepy crash before migraine starts

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    Question new sleepy crash before migraine starts

    Haven't been here for long long time but my Transformed Migraine/Chronic Daily Migraine continues, forty years of it and I'm still looking for escape. Basically I wake every day with a headache, it may develop into a migraine type and that will go on usually for three days or longer; pain meds have limited efficacy and preventatives haven't helped. MRIs and scans rule out anything serious.

    New to me these last few months is a session of intense sleepiness which has me almost comotose, falling in my porridge sort of intensity, then about hour or less later the 'new' migraine starts.

    Triptans have never worked for me because I haven't had a recognisable distinct prodrome since I was in my early twenties (can just about remember them but they never included this crashing fatique)) so I can't recognise an early point in the process to take them. My head just moves along a continuous headache scenario.

    I'm wondering if it's worth trying some Triptans again. Anyone share this symptom?

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    welcome to Brain Talk

    Sorry nobody has responded to your thread. It's a busy time of the year, many people are sick, etc. I am trying to get a bit of strength back so I can post more.

    I am very sorry you are having these awful headaches . I do empathize with you,trust me. I have had migraines since I was very young,, say five or six. Just now and again.

    I know many at. Brain Talk suffer these horrible headaches. I will check back in and see how you are doing

    If you wish to why don't you join us in the Emotional Support forum's. Many of US go there. We talk about headaches and the different kinds. You may find as help there.

    Take care dear, Julia
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    hi Dust and welcome. I am another who suffered from daily migraines. I was prescribed topamax from my neuro and had already been taking the Triptan to help but I also have Fibromyalgia and my pain doc put me on nortriptyline to help with my widespread pain like the week after I saw my neuro.

    Purely by accident I discovered that it was the nortriptyline that had stopped my migraines. I ran out of the topamax during an insurance screwup and still was pretty much migraine free. The worst has always been hormonal for me and i would get break through migraines but since I started MMJ my PMS migraine symptoms have lessened also. Got rid of the topamax totally and the Imitrex is once in a great while.

    i still get them but I'll take once or twice a month over everyday any time. Also now if I can get to them in time I am able to keep them at bay with a couple Advil Migraines.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

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