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Thread: Lonely Holiday

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    That sounds nice Sue, it was just my husband and my self and I just made a pan of chicken a d dressing.we did go over to see the little ones open their gifts then we came home and slept, I forgot how early little one get up to see Santa !
    My husband suffers from deep depression and early dementia so I try to keep him out of crowded places because he has anger issues as well.
    Honey you just hold that pretty head up and do for you and your husband....don't beg others to be a part of your life, that doesn't mean , you don't love them or miss them ,it just means ...they need to get their heart right...when and if they do and reach out to you ...embrace them ..and rejoice that they have had their heart softened.
    You know, when I have been shunned and rejected by people that " were supposed to love me".. my fist few years I cried until I thought for sure my eyes were bleeding...they weren't ,... but I finally accepted that they had to make the change and until then I would be me, just me and busy my self with my own life and all the issues that come with it. I am doing okay and I want you to believe in you and the strong woman you are. Happy New year Sue, and you made it , enjoy your days , make a fun memory , laugh at little things and be sure to laugh at yourself...I have to laugh at me, all the time.
    Hugs (((GING)))
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