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Thread: Brain Aneursym Coiling and Stroke

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    Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I was referred here by an online friend that visits & loves this site. I had Brain Aneursym Coiling done on June 28, 2012 & I had a stroke during the surgery. I can't complain-I'm still here:) Alot of things are very different for me now & I'm trying to learn to adjust. I hope to learn from each other. Thank you. Have a nice day:)

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    Hi Christy
    Welcome to BrainTalk.I am glad you had someone to point you to this site,it can be very helpful.It is not nearly as busy as it once was,but maybe some of us are still here and can help you with your questions.You will find that alot of things will change since your coiling and stroke,but dear you have to be glad that your still here with us..Don't always spend your time trying to be the old you.You will be surprise that with the changes that we occur.the new you can be even more exciting than the old.The best advice i can give you is to keep your stress and blood pressure as low as possible and rememeber it will take time for you, your family and freinds to get accustomed to the new you.
    I suffered a rupture, re-rerupture follow by a stroke, and it takes time to get your body healed took me about a year to finally start feeling good..Due to my rupture i lost 100%vision in my left eye and lost 70% of the vision in my right.But believe me the human body can learn to adjust.
    Wishing you the very best
    Jiimy C

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    Hi Christy!

    Yes - as Jimmy C says Welcome to Brain Talk. Sorry to hear of your Ane and your stroke but you are a survivor and you found you way to us too! :)
    Ask and question - or vent - or just ramble - it really doesn't matter.
    Most of us have been thru similar situations either ourselves or thru living thru some other persons story. No matter what we are here to chat and offer any help or share our stories in the hopes they help you.
    It has been quiet - as they changed the site - and some folks got lost - it's been quite lonely without them....

    But no matter - everyone will make their way here eventually!

    My best to you this Christmas Season.
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Hi Christy, welcome to BrainTalk ,
    Of all the forums ours seems very quiet at times , but we have many members who pop in and out to look for new post . Honey , you are a survivor like Trish said , that is a major thing. I had my coiling last September and had three strokes , but am doing okay so far.I go in March for my second follow up and I am hoping all is well in my head. I am still learning the new normal for me, my thoughts zip real fast and I leave words half written , leave out letters in words I am typing and as my Granddaughter said , I jump from one subject to another real easy. It's as if something reminds me of something else and I have to go to that subject right away....I keep them all on their toes trying to follow a story line with me. Ha ha. Keep posting honey and you will find some wonderful people here that will share their new normal and soon you will feel a lot better about your adjustments.
    Hugs to you and welcome,

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    Hi Christy and welcome! We are not as busy around here as we used to be, but we do pop in!

    Life after annie can be very frustrating. The main part is like Ging said to learn your new normal and accept it! My family still has trouble adapting to the new me and how my brain works. I have become so different--in many ways. I certainly have not been through all the trials that you have, but I am here for you! Anytime you need any of us, all it takes is a post or a PM and we will be right there for you to offer advice or just to let you vent!
    Candice-37 years old
    7 mm ophthalmic annie clipped Nov 14, 2007
    4 mm daughter annie clipped March 11, 2009
    September 2009 diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia

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    Smile Hi

    Welcome to the survivor's club Christy,

    The folks here at Brain Talk were of great comfort and assistance to me when I had my rupture in 2006. No one here is a doctor, but there are shared experiences so you'll know you're not alone. No question is stupid and feel free to vent and have lots of will not be judged! :-)

    Stay strong and take care of yourself
    Ruptured 11mm annie on 10/5/06. Left internal carotid artery. Coiled at Maine Med. Portland, ME. 16 coils. Coils compacting Dec. 2010. Stent implanted 3/16/2011 and 4 more new coils added 4/27/2011 by Dr. Ecker. Another 4mm annie discovered Dec. 2010. Older sister died from rupture 5/29/12. Smaller annie grew & was clipped in Jan. 2014. Orig. annie getting new remnant. Possible flow diversion needed now. Check out my Brain Blog: Brain Blog

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    Hello, I just ahppened into this site. I've visited and posted on the Child neuro. and stroke forums but not here. My daughter had several strokes at 5 yrs old. She's now 16. They were not caused by an aneurism but a disease called Moyamoya. So I can't offer any assistance on aneurisms but I may be able to help with the stroke. I agree with the others not to try and regain your old self but to learn who your news self is. The brain needs lots of healing time. Sometimes this means learning how to componsate, or retrain your brain. I consider my my daughter still to be rehabilitating. A book that helped me to understand how she may be feeling and what she may need was A Stroke Of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a brian scientist who suffered a stroke and recalls the day of her stroke through her recovery in her book. She talks a lot about what helped her through the recovery and what made it more difficult. This may be a book that your close loved ones may find helpfull. Good luck and I pray for your recovery.
    Mary Grace

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