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Thread: First a tumour, now a cyst

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    Default First a tumour, now a cyst

    Nearly ten years ago, I had a benign tumour removed from my temporal lobe.

    The effect of this was to bring an end to epileptic seizures that had been uncontrollable with medication.

    Now, following my first scan since the surgery, I've been told that I have a cyst that wasn't previously there.

    Has anybody else experienced this? Did you have frequent headaches with nausea? Did your seizures restart?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Tris the Intrepid Trepannee

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    Tris, I cannot help you with your question, but you should know that seeing your name actually got me to LOG IN rather than lurk. Hi!

    Are you saying you're having the symptoms you mention?


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    Hi Tris --- I started having CP seizures in 1990 and, finally, in 2005 a MRI showed a tumor in my left temporal lobe. Tumor was removed Feb., 2006 and I did not have another seizure until May 2007 ....... more surgery and I haven't had a seizure since then. I still take Trileptal and the neuros say I'll be on AEDs for the rest of my life. OK with me - I'd rather have meds than seizures.

    Migraines started back when the seizures did....... they are still here but much, much milder and easier to take.

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