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Thread: cabergoline what can I expect

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    Default cabergoline what can I expect

    I was told I need to start taking this drug to control excess prolatin production, I start it Monday. Is anyone taking this.. what can I expect. I have hopes to get off of it sometime not sure if it will be possible at this point.

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    Hi farmwife,
    I haven't ever taken this, and you've probably already looked it up on, but in case you haven't, here's the link to some information about it.

    As you may know, these information sheets have to list every possible side effect that anyone has ever had. Many of the side effects are very rare.
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    yes I have looked it up I just like to have real people tell me what they noticed, like ifyou gain weight on it or if it changes your personality. Things like that since I have two potential drugs to compare. I have no choice but to take it and I consider myself lucky to have caught my symptoms before the tumor got bigger. I will also be checking with my neuro on Monday just to double check things before I start. There is a chance I will not need to take it forever so that is good news. Meanwhile I need to manage my stess better. Thanks

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    Here's hoping you do not have any problems with it.

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