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Thread: Approved survey regarding patients/caregivers and internet forums

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    I took the survey too. It was most unusual to see a survey like yours here as this forum has always had a very strict rule stating that nobody is supposed to do research here, but apparently the administrators thought your survey had enough merit to be posted.

    I was wondering about some of the same issues Parsi raised as I did the survey though.
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    A great deal depends on how long one has been visiting the forums. The survey seems more applicable to someone new to the forums. When new, I think more people are looking for information. Some just want to talk with people with the same experiences. As time passes we keep our eyes open to info but it's not the main reason for coming except if a new symptom arises or a new drug is prescribed. We do share experiences because it is often the only place to find people who understand or we check to see how our cyberfriends are doing. And we come often. So usually one person(s) doesn't stick out becomes we interact with several on a regular basis.

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    Hi everyone,

    I came back to update the outcome of the research I conducted last November. I finally finished the study and a study summary can be downloaded at If you have any feedback or comment, please feel free to contact me or leave your thought at the commenting area on the website. If you are interested in my research, please stay tune and check out my future studies later. Thank you very much for your generous support!

    p.s. For participants who requested a copy of the result, I will email a copy to you very shortly.


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    Thanks for the follow up Hanmei
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