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Thread: Marijuana passes for RECREATIONAL use in two states

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    Cool update on AZ - Medical Marijuana

    Dispensaries are now open and operating. IMHO, the product (MMJ) is overpriced and taxes will make it worse. Why would (IF I indulged) I pay those prices when I can (if I so decided) get the same quality on the street for half or less the cost? In addition, like Hitler, once you register and get a card - they KNOW where you are - and here in Arizona, you can get a grow card if there is no dispensary within 25 miles, they know RIGHT where to come. GET. Books, Guns, MMJ, I will register for NOTA - with the exception of my library card.

    PS The Boomers are not coming - WE ARE HERE - we will be heard - we will vote - As Bob Dylan said " the times they are a changing"
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