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Thread: Did You All Taste FrankenStorm?

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    My son and his family are in New Jersey, no water, no power ,no Gas for generators,but they are alive and safe. The little ones were disappointed that Halloween was canceled , but such is the minds of children, wish that were the most worry we all have, but I am so very thankful they are safe ., hugs and prayers to all that are struggling to recover. (( hug))) GING

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    Up-upstate NY where it gets cooooold.


    Bro is still without heat, electricity and phone. The worst of fallen trees are gone
    but phone and power lines are dangling everywhere.
    I couldn't handle it longer than I did.

    At least his workplace is warm and dry. Police are demanding IDs from everyone
    entering the neighborhood on its single road access. This isn't stopping burglaries and looting
    of evacuated houses next to the water.
    I suspect it easy to come on shore by way of small boats since it isn't on the ocean.

    This is probably why people are reticent to leave homes unless someone tells them
    the first floor of their home will be ruined and there will be no food or water
    for at least a week or more.

    Very sad- but it is a good thing there are more good acts than vile.

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