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Thread: Headache - starts at Base of Skull, then Eye and Nose

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    Default Headache - starts at Base of Skull, then Eye and Nose

    I am a chronic pain guy, a neuroligical thing I think, but then there are headaches that seem unrelated to the other pains.

    This summer was the most headache-free period in at least two years for me... now it is starting again, with three 8/10 [severity] headaches in two weeks [which isn't too bad, but it is likely going to get worse.

    I had a diagnosis of "Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia" but then the Neuro started having doubts and, well, she lost interest when things eased up - I will push her again now though!!

    There is a spot at the base of my skull that is ALLWAYS involved when I get headaches - it is halfway bewtween the spine and the ear, there is a little bony bump there {do you have that bump, anyone? - a few bumps along the base of the skull is normal, right?]

    Straight below that bump is neck tendons and muscles that are also painfull, but not as painfull as the headache that ensues once that area starts up.

    The left eye, my left nostril, and rarely now the left upper jaw ["top teeth" - but I have dentures, but it still feels like a toothache]. And, the left temple has a bit of pain too.

    So thats all very much the Trigeminal nerve path, but the headache is all through the brain/skull.

    Light bothers - I wear an eye patch on the left eye.

    Allways in the autumn things get worse.

    Now, what was my question?? Oh - does anyone relate, and what to do? [I get pretty thick when it hits, lol]

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    Default From migraine, to bells palsy, 6th cranial nerve palsy, nose & forhead numb, to blind

    Oh my word! This is kind of how my pain started.
    Tell your doctor you want a MRI done one the BRAIN & ORBITS.....ASAP! I have a brain tumor/mass.
    Well, I had severe, severe migraine headaches, then bell's pasly on my left side, then 6th cranial nerve palsy..which means my left eye was stuck staring at the bridge of my nose I had double vision, then the Dr.'s finally found the reason(which was a BRAIN TUMOR) by doing a MRI of the brain and the ORBITS! But it's not like that stopped me from going blind in my left eye.
    The night I went blind in my left eye the doctors finally started me on Steroids. Now, after about 4 months my left is no longer paralized(and the brain tumor shrunk) BUT a year later.... I AM STILL BLIND in my left eye.
    To back track....From January through April I think I had 2 or 3 MRI's and none of them found the brain tumor. I wasn't until I had 6th crainal nerve palsy(cross-eyed/double vision) and kept pushing the issue to see a specialist that they found the brain tumor.
    Doctors first thought was, are you I am not, and the blood work proved it. BUT, I think that if I had been they would've brushed me off even more, instead of seriously trying to find the reason.
    All I can say is don't give up, push push push. Because nothing anyone can do now to bring my vision back. And on top of all of that, I still have headaches and nerve pain on the left side of my face. Oh, if this helps, my vision didn't start and finish all in one day. It started on a Sunday and I was complety blind in my left eye on Thursday. Too sad for anyone to go could've been prevented!

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