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Thread: One year Annoversary , I made it

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    Default One year Annoversary , I made it

    Last Saturday was the one year anniversary of my coiling, I missed sharing with you all but we are back on line and I am doing it now !
    I go back in March for an MRA to check on things, but for now,my noggin is doing okay.
    Sending you all the best wishes for a good day.... as we remember that it is 9/11 , a day that will always bring a tear to our eyes and an ache to our hearts.Hugs , GING

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    Happy Annie_versar Ging.Knows it has been a tough road for you, but am so glad your doing so wonderful.Keep up the cheerful attitude and that pretty smile on your face. Yes 9/11 will always be a dark day in American history,so many lives lost for nothing.

    Wishing you the very best
    Jimmy C

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    OMG Ging dear Ging - a full year!

    I remember talking with your son from my backyard when you came out of your procedure and dancing round and smiling big time when I heard how well you came thru

    It just boggles the mind how fast the time has gone - and look at you go! One of the jetsetters of life you are!

    Happy Happy Ane~versay Ging

    Big Hugs
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Congratulations Ging. I can't believe it has been a year.

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