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    Feeling kinda weird like, the diseases, (ms & congestive heart failure), are progressing as they commonly do yet, I must explain once again what these diseases mean to oneís body. Itís as if the recent prognosis is such a shock because I had kept, as a dark secret until today, how I am feeling, moving, breathing and in general, physically performing on a daily basis.

    I donít usually talk about me so much at home, and complaining isnít really my style, but, couldnít someone see that there were some changes taking place? I mean, Iím not a guy who, outta the blue, happens to visit a specialist just for something to do.

    Anyway, it seams to be all my fault Ė that of being in poor, or at least tenuous health all of a sudden. Iím not accepting the emotional blame for this. This is the stuff that ďtheyĒ say happens (Stuff Happens?) Iíve been telling anyone who wanted to know that, as Bob Dylan wrote about forty years ago, ďand the times, they are a changingÖĒ Apparently, no one understood.


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    Tweeker, sorry to hear. CHF can be managed w drugs like digoxin and a dirurectic and modern equivalents.

    It always astounds me that we can have more than one thing as if MS were not enough to deal with.

    And Tweeker, sometimes you have to make a louder "noise."

    I hope you get on a regimen and get feeling better.
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    Ann is so right about the louder noise. "It's the squeaky wheel..." Some people take this to an extreme and seem to do nothing but complain about their health, but it doesn't sound like you're one of them.

    Ann's right too about CHF. Or at least I've known quite a few people with it who do get along on medication.

    As for family and friends who just don't seem to see what's going on right in front of them, they see what they want to see. It's convenient for them to think you're OK and everything is going to be fine, and so that's what they keep thinking. People are astonishingly good at not seeing something that should be glaringly obvious.

    You could try sitting them down and just laying it out for them about what your limitations and difficulties are. That works with some people. With others, it's in one ear and out the other, I'm afraid.

    You're seeing a neuro today? Hope that will go well for you.
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