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    I was dx'd with fibromyalgia in December 2011 though I was developing tenderpoints for at least a year before that. What led me to the doctor was that a developed a HUGE amount of pain in my arms and hands, bad enough that I had to take percocet to function. Is that a normal symptom? It is currently happening again but mostly in my hands this time. It feels like what I would imagine arthritis feels like but I was just at the rheumatologist and he doesn't think I is arthritis but is the fibro. Do you have any suggestion about how to reduce the pain. None of the OTC anti-inflammatories work so I really left with percocet. I have found that when my tenderpoints (I have all 18 plus a few more) are screaming I have been using a capsaicin rub and that helps but I am afraid to use in on my hands because it is quite painful if you get it around the eyes ( I have).



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    Pat,I also use Capzasin,the rollon-not the cream. I never use it on my hands however,because fear getting on my face or in eyes. what I do is REST my hands. course it doesn't always work but if I keep using them it just gets worse. we just have to adjust. learn what we can or cannot do. since we cannot control the weather we learn to grit out teeth & hope for a better tommorow. I also have arthritis in my hands & I try to keep my wrists covered up for warmth.

    sorry not much help-just know you're not alone!

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    Thank you, I too use the roll on and I use fingerless gloves inside during the winter. Resting my hands seems to be impossible though this flair up is not as bad as the first one I had. The first time it was like my hands and arms were on fire. This time they hurt but I haven't had to take a pain killer. I had started taking tart cherry pills a month ago and I did notice that my tenderpoints have now gotten to the point where they hurt when they are touched instead of hurting whether I touched them or not. Maybe the tart cherry has lessened this flair up. My son has fibro also but his is completely different than mine as is my sister's. You helped by letting me know I am not alone. When your symptoms aren't the norm it makes you wonder if you are imagining things, though I couldn't ever imagine this pain. I guess it is a day to day thing and I still have to learn to adjust.



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    I guess Fibro can cause pain anywhere... I have been having a terrible time with pains in my wrists, but it is NOT carpal tunnel [basic tests done by my doc]
    And, my hands hurt at times, mostly in the knuckles - I just had a strong shot of pain that went as quickly as it came on. So typing will bring on flashes of pain

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    My hands and forearms hurt a lot. I use heat and wrist braces, try not to use them too much.
    If no pain, no gain is true, where is everything I should have gained?
    DDD, Fibro, CFS, pain for 20 years. ADR c 5/6 Feb. 2018 doing well.
    Back to pain management, fibromyalgia getting worse.

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