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    Default Short Definitions

    Hello to those in charge:)

    I would still like to see short definitions to illnesses listed......such as Meralgia Paresthetica.......

    Yes, it's easy to google etc.....but think it would help lots of people.

    Love the smilies you have now.....hope you don't change them:), altho they don't show up in this writing except as a 'typed' smiley.

    Have gotten past one hurdle.......don't see 'errors on page' in left hand corner anymore......

    We're getting there!! Thanks everyone who's worked on this.....not an easy project. Very much appreciated! ;) kat
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    We will be adding descriptions to the forums. I was going to do it this weekend but I've got to work (just found out an hour ago) so I'll have to put it off a little while.

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