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Thread: Depression and Fibromyalgia

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    Default Depression and Fibromyalgia

    How come the previous generation didn't suffer from depression and fibromyalgia???? It's like they never heard of it, now there is all these different treatments and medications to treat these maladies. What gives???

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    I think they probably did but people called them lazy or malingerers or that they were faking it. Truth is it still happens. My son had a teacher, that I am sure, didn't believe fibromyalgia existed and my son paid the price. The teacher didn't understand how he could just sit there and put his head on the desk and listen. The fact that that may have been the only position that his back could handle at the moment was irrelevant. I ended up having to go the the principal twice to complain. With all the commercials on TV you would think that the teacher would believe but he didn't he just felt my son was being lazy. Even the principal needed an education. He asked me what my son was going to do with his life if he was having this much trouble in school. My answer was that I didn't know and that for all I knew he would have to go on disability but at that moment I was more concerned about him graduating high school and I would cross the next bridge when we go there. There may also be an environmental reason too. Our very clean society seems to have spawned more autoimmune issues than ever before. There was just an article out linking autism and maternal autoimmune issues. Maybe there is something there that relates to fibro. So I think it is both better diagnosing and possibly environmental.


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    I was dxed with Fibro in 1976 when it was called the few doctors that accepted it as a legitimate condition. I was dxed by a military doctor. After moving, I had a string of doctors who laughed when they saw it in my chart. I learned not to even bring it up or complain about the symptoms for the next 20 years when my pain doctor (ddd, djd, failed back etc) asked me if anyone had discussed Fibromyalgia with me.

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