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Thread: PLEASE HELP/SEVERE abdomen and shoulder pain after VP shunt

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    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I'm kind of going out of my mind here with the Drs not knowing what this pain is. Thank you for the abstracts too.

    We are going to try some alternative medicine approaches to see if we can make some progress.

    Yesterday one Dr told me that I will just have to 'learn to live with the pain.' !!!!

    Many thanks again for your reply.

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    Hello Jeff!

    Welcome to BrainTalk!

    I'm sorry you're experiencing such painful problems.

    The thread you are writing in is a bit old. The last poster posted in February of this year. The dates of the posts are in the upper left corner of the posts. Sometimes it's better to start a new thread.

    I found the abstract for you on the shoulder tip pain and another similar abstract. Here are the links (just click on them with your cursor):

    An article you might find helpful:

    I hope this helps and your pain can be relieved.

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    Default Please help me too!

    Hi Jill,
    I recently had a VP shunt about 60 days ago. I'm having this severe pain as well in my right gut area. My neurologist is at a loss. He knows something is up but doesn't know what. What did you ever find out??

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    I had a VP shunt put in a little over a month ago and have had pain in my abdomen that seems to move around. It is now on my left side and seems to radiate to my left shoulder. the shunt is on my right side. It is a sharp stabbing pain that is absolutely the worse pain I have ever felt..and I have given birth 3 times! I have told my neuro surgeon about this and he sent me to have a CT (twice) both showing everything looked normal.....yet I still have pain!!! I have been to the ER twice because the pain was so excruciating! At the ER more CT's,blood tests,x-rays,pressure check and EVERY SINGLE TIME they come back shrugging their shoulders saying everything looks good! That the pain is not related to the shunt,I find this extremely hard to believe! I even had one ER doctor suggest it was gas or even a pulled muscle....I almost came out of my skin! All they do is send me home with pain meds...which I hate taking because of the foggy feeling that comes with them,however they do help dull the pain. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do next all I know is I can not take this pain anymore. If anyone has some advice or can even share a similar story I would much appreciate it! :)



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