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Thread: Hello again and thank you all so much

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    Post Hello again and thank you all so much

    Hello to all my very good friends here :) I was discharged yesterday from the care center after three months there not to mention i was in the clinic one month! i wasnt prepared for my summer to be gone like that i had plans to take my daughter to Dallas but when the doctors originally said i would only be at the clinic for ten days and only need about five days of rehab i knew they where wrong so i never bought the tix i also told several people the night before the first surgery that i had a aweful feeling about it!!!! as for now my vision is gone i can hardly type my left hand still has issues and my walking is better with a walker but my balance is aweful something went horribly wrong during my surgeries i also had a very large air p docket that they had to remove right after my first surgery and they will never admit to it my legs are constantly shaking when i stand although my legs are strong and im still having seizures. my neuro is always telling me its part of the healing process well she can shove my unbearable headaches directly up her healing ***!!!!! i had and gave my life in the hands of the surgeons at the clinic i will not go there to get my finger nails cut much longer i will be looking into the mayo clinic for a second opinion
    Peace love and regards tigerchef aka Jeff God bless to all keep the prayers coming for my mother please her name is Ann i pray to st Ann every night

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    Hi (((Jeff)))

    It's great to see you back again. I will be keeping you and your mom in my prayers. As far as the Drs. I would report them to the medical conduct board for screwing things up for you and make them take responsibility for what they have done
    to you. I'm glad that you are home I know I went crazy being in the hospital for 3 wks. I can't even imagine 3 months. If you haven't started keeping track of your sz. be sure you do to show the Dr. what's going on I sure don't blame you for not
    wanting to go back to the same place. I hope you have better luck the next time. May God Bless You and Be with You and Your Mom!


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    Nice to see you back online Tiger. Hope Mayo can help you.

    I see my neuro surgeon in a couple of weeks for follow-up, and the epileptologist this week.


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    Howdy Jeff!

    Glad to see you back!

    Hang in there and take care of yourself.
    You are in my prayers.

    I'll put you on the prayer list when I go to the monastery on Tuesday.
    Ego sum quis ego sum quod ut est quicumque ego sum - Popeye

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