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Thread: Ct confirmed my leak

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    Default Ct confirmed my leak

    Well, I had a ct myelogram in Columbus, Ohio. It was the worst lumbar puncture yet. The lady needed to collect a sample and kept telling me that she couldn't find flow. After letting her dig on the left side for about 15 minutes and then dig on my right side with another puncture for what had to b another 10 minutes, I finally suggested that she invert the table. When, she did, sure enough, was able to collect some csf. So, test results r back, and sure enough, there is a large leak. I have sent the cd out to dr Schievink. Waiting for his guidance. Would love to have a local bloodpatch fix it. However, seeing how it is in the same location as my previous patch, looks like I am heading back to the chopping block. I will keep u all posted.

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    Default Love this guy

    Sent my cd out for dr Schievink to look at yesterday. He already called me today. Looks like I will b trying a blood patch at my hospital. If that doesn't work, I will b taking another trip to c him. Although I "love this guy", I would prefer to not
    C him n LA. Praying that my blood patch works.

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    Default Good luck with blood patch!

    Hi Laura - Sorry you are leaking again. I really hope the local blood patch helps!! Have you ever considered going to Duke for fibrin patching? (much closer to you than LA) Good luck!
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    So sorry to hear you're leaking again, but glad you're in touch with Schiev!

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