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Thread: do i have epilepsy???

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    Exclamation do i have epilepsy???

    i am 25 years old and have hydrochephalus with a shunt fitted. recently i have been having episodes of what can only be described as out of body experiences,its as if im dreaming but i am fully awake!! when this happens all sounds around me sound distant i cannot seem 2 communicate with peple around me.i sort of just stare into space for a short period of time.

    this happens quite regular now which iseally worrying me

    thanx 4 ur help

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    You could be having seizures. Sounds like it to me. However, because you have neurological issues, I wouldn't call it epilepsy yet. Epilepsy is diagnosed by two or more unprovoked seizures, and your events could be directly related to your other issues and thus provoked. These events need to be reported soon to your neurologist who is treating you for the shunt and hydro. He/She does need to know since events could be related to your current issues or separate entirely. Your docs need to assess everything from their standpoint first. I am assuming you have called them. Right? Tattoo

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    Hi lauzj25,
    Welcome to the forum! I agree with everything that Tattoo has mentioned. If I may ask after you have these possible seizures do you feel tired or confused? This happens to many people after they have had a seizure and sometimes
    a person will get a headache also. Each time after I have a seizure I feel tired for about 2 hrs. and I'm confused about what happened for a few seconds after I have a seizure. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!


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    Sounds like a simple partial seizure to me...

    Just because a person has seizures does not automatically mean that the person has epilepsy!
    If the seizures can not be attributed to anything else, then the possibility of epilepsy is usually discussed.

    If it is epilepsy then it may very well be associated with the temporal lobe.
    I have temporal lobe epilepsy and my simple partials sound very similar to yours.

    You should make an appointment to see an epileptologist.
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    It could be epilepsy, but something else too. Yes, go see an epileptologist. Good Luck.
    Lorraine (lor)

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    I agree with everyone here. They do sound like simple partials. I am 45, have always had hydro and epilepsy, and I had SPs in enormous clusters until about three years ago. Please get checked out. You may even be having a problem with your shunt. Is it programmable? The setting may be wrong.

    Good luck!!

    LIZARD :)
    LIZ in Li'l Rhody; hydrocephalus dx'ed at 3 weeks old. No shunt surgery in 32 years! Epilepsy well-controlled and autoimmune issues being worked on. Mom to Caren, 21, successful ablation 4/18/07 for WPW; and Andrew, 18 (autism dx'ed at 2 1/2, 13 mm ACM dx'ed at 5 1/2, no surgery, doing awesome!!) Wife of 22 years to Don...and friend to Gina. RIP. 9/5/66-10/22/07 :(

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