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Thread: FDA . . . interesting

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    Default FDA . . . interesting

    Listened to NPR's Democracy Now program today.
    This is interesting regarding the FDA and domestic surveillance. Just who is the FDA working for? Who can we trust to protect us when they try to destroy whistleblowers? I don't wonder why there is so much distrust.

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    We'd better all be squeaky clean in every phase of our lives because just about anyone can find out all about us very easily.

    The interview includes very disturbing news about the marketing of a colonoscopy device that delivered way too much radiation:

    One CT colonoscopy device that they exposed made it onto the market, 600 to 800 times the radiation dosage of similar devices that are more effective.
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    The "Big Brother" angle of our Gov't has always scared the poo out of me..
    Love, Sally

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