My husband has always loved to travel & that did not change when he started living life in a wheelchair. Since he has had a spinal cord injury for over tweanty years he has seen much change in regards to things being accesible thanks the ADA, but when it comes to recreational issues there are still many problems.

Nothing can ruin a planned getaway faster than rolling up to a place only to discover their definition of ''accesible'' does not always work when it is tested by someone in a wheelchair. We are like most people with a disability and live on a fixed income & travel has to work around health issues so we don't have time or money to waste on places that are not accesible. That is why we started our advocacy group several years ago. Knowing before we made plans that places were acceisble made for such a more relaxing time . But that information was not always easy to find...the hotel room might be accessible but the bathroom wasn't? ...finding thing like that when you check in at 2am can really get things off to a bad start.
We do not get to travel as much as we would like right now but still want to stay active with this project. If your interested in travel & know of some places you could suggest that are great to visit or just like to discuss recreational activites for people with mobility issues please join us.
If business sees that we as the disabled community make an effort to spend our money at the places that best meet our needs maybe more places will follow.

The site is not a business, we don't sell anything or have ads. We just enjoying travel, helping others since we know what it is like, and disussing travel.