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Thread: 12 dangerous ingredients in our food

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    Default 12 dangerous ingredients in our food

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    ok looks interesting
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    never connected any of that poison with bone health!

    housemate came home with something to eat rather than peanut butter. he didn't read the label!

    Lotus Biscoff Spread:wheat flour,sugar,soy bean oil,sun flower oitl,canola oil,palm oil,soy flour,brown sugar,sodium bicarbonate,salt,cinnamon,canola oil,sugar,soy lecithin,citric acid.

    mind you he's on a no gluten diet & this stuff is made from cookies. we are both diabetic & there's 5 grams of sugar in 1 Tbsp.

    I'll stick to good old Jif myself! the product is made in Belguim which got my attention @ first.

    I'm certainly not a health nut but the article was a wake up call.the more we learn the better.

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    Great article -- thank you for sharing. I posted it to my Facebook. I'm always trying to eat better and not always fully aware of the ways the food industry tries to "sneak" ingredients not-so-good-for-us into things they make.
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    it is so maddening... i cannot read the infomation for the cover pops up to sell pills aaargh...

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