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Thread: 4 year anni-versary

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    Default 4 year anni-versary

    Well today marks the 4th year of my annie rupture,then 2 days later a re-rupture,then 2 days after that a stroke.But all is good, take life one day at a time..Vision has not improved, but just thankful for the 30% i do have in one eye..Like to say a special thanks to all of you on BT that has been so helpful to me over the years. I may not post much but am on here daily. Good luck and God bless you all.

    Jimmy C

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    Happy Annie-versary Jimmy!!!!!!

    Wow, 4 years - the time goes soooooo fast!! You know how much I admire and am humbled by you and your courage. I can only hope that I would have half the courage and grace that you have shown......

    Life is for living and for having gratitude for what we DO have in our lives, rather than dwelling on what may be missing, and you are such a wonderful example of this.

    I hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating life with those you love today.

    Love and hugs,

    Nat xx
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    Hi Jimmy and congratulations, four years. You are smart to be thankful and focus on what you do have. Sunday, the 3rd is 5 years for me since my rupture. Wow, looking back I never thought I would be where I am today, yes different with some limitations.......but here. Take care and I am thankful for you and the rest in our group, we are survivors!

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    Thanks Nat . You have always had the kindness sweetest words of encouragement. You even once made the remark of me not having to use all CAPTIAL letters anymore, thought that was amazing that someone even rememebered that i once had to do that.
    Shelly thanks for your wonderful reply.A very big congratulation is in store for you and your 5th annie-versary.I know it has been a tough road to get where you are in your life.Learning to live with the new limitations is tough,but we can manage it with a strong mind and a lot of patience.Wish you an awesome life with many many more years to come.

    Jimmy C

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    Happy Anniversary Jimmy, I am so happy for you and like you I come here everyday even to just say hi to someone new. You have come so far and have offered so much support to all of us here in the aneurysm forum, thanks and once again, happy happy anniversary :)
    Shelly happy for you today as well , you are a strong woman and you , you are here because you are supposed tone here , and your " we" the Annie buddies are most happy you are , woo hoo for you today and always! GING

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    Hey Jimmy!
    Well done. Enjoy each day- we all know and realise that although we are different people since the dreaded aneurysms- we are still incredibly fortunate to be here.
    I know as each year passes (I'm at 4 years too!) life gets just a little bit easier. Hope the same hapens with you.
    Take care
    Trace x
    ps Well done Shelly too. 5 years is wonderful. x

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    Thanks Ging. We are all here to support each other.
    Thanks Trace. Yes we are very lucky to still be here,,,and sometimes being different is a good thing..Congrats on your 4th Annie-versary as well.

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    Hello Jimmy

    I too would like to offer my congratulations to you! Another Survivor with a great sense of humour and a love for life in spite of all you have gone through!

    You have been a constant support to many on Brain Talk too ~ it's nice to count on you. I am proud to know you! :)

    I hope you celebrated your Ane~versary and had lots of fun.

    My best!
    Tropical Trish
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