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    Unhappy Lost Another One

    My sister lost her battle with her ruptured brain aneurysm and we had to let her go late Tuesday night. At only 54, she leaves behind a husband and a 15-year old son.

    This is yet another sad example of a familial aneurysm line and how it could have been prevented had she agreed to get tested/scanned. I've had one aneurysm rupture, and I'm living with another one. We also have two 1st degree relatives who have aneurysms.
    If you have a 1st degree relative who has had an aneurysm, PLEASE get checked. If you yourself have had an aneurysm, please ask your siblings to get checked.

    If we can save one life by bring more attention to this, their deaths will not go in vain. If your medical facility doesn't offer a CT scan...go to one that does. It's your life.

    Being diagnose with an aneurysm isn't a death sentence. It does n't even mean it will ever rupture, but you'll KNOW you have it and it can be monitored and if it does require surgery, the odds of surviving the surgery and living a long and healthy life, are far greater than if you have an aneurysm that ruptures.

    Rest in peace my dear sister.
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    Oh Heidi , I am so sorry and you are correct in all you say about asking family members to be checked. This is a line in my family and I worry about my children and grandchildren. My daughter has been checked and is okay, but my sons haven't been checked.
    My deepest condolences to your family, thank you for once again reaching out and sharing the importance of this screening even in your time of sorrow.(((hugs))) so very sorry :(

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    Heidi my heart breaks for you. I'm so sorry about the sad news regarding the loss of your sister. I will light a candle today for her. May the wings of love and comfort surround you and the family at this time...

    I agree - immediate family SHOULD be checked for aneurysms. I have asked my sister to have a scan, but she prefers not to know. :( I hope this message gets out, and if even one person's life can be saved by reading this thread, then your sister will not have died in vain.

    Love and light and sending gentle hugs across the oceans...

    Nat xx
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    I am so sorry. I will keep you all in my prayers, especially for peace. I wish I could give a hug! Please remember we are here for you if you need us.
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    I am extremely sorry to hear about the lost of your sister. These annies are horrible. Like others on here i have siblings,they all refuse to get chekced.I tell them if it can happen to (big brother) it sure can happen to them aswell.If there is anything any of us can do on here..let us know.

    You and your family are in my thoguths and prayers.
    Jimmy C.

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    I'm so sorry Heidi. Thinking of you and your families.
    Trace x

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    Oh Heidi,

    What a terrible shame ~ and my heart goes out to you and your family at this very sad time.
    Thank you too for sharing this message as a reminder to our families to get checked if someone in your family has a Ane.

    A huge hug to you.
    Tropical Trish
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    I am so sorry for your loss and for all your family, i hope her son is doing the best he can. Funny thing about family;s , at least mine anyways is that not all of them speak to each other. However i called them all and gave them the info, what they do with it is, it is up to them, I did my part. I am the 2 person is our family with aneurysm, My cousin, she passed and she was also alone, and then me. I have also had my daughter checked at like 21 and getting ready to have son tested

    Heidi please take care of yourself during this time, be good to yourself when you can........................i hate aneurysms jane

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