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Thread: Leg numbness and cold, no frozen, feet!

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    Question Leg numbness and cold, no frozen, feet!

    The intense numbing in my legs and feet i can deal with,with some complaint but does anyone have suggestions for warming the freeeezing feet feeling. This has only happened before when I had numbing in my legs and feet so I know they are related. I soak my feet but it is literally only momentary relief. I know there probably isn't much else that can be done but I just had to ask in case there's some crazy idea out there. I'll try anything.

    thanks all


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    It's too bad you've been troubled with this. Have you been checked out thoroughly for other problems like diabetes and circulatory disorders?

    Often we assume our symptoms are due to MS but it's always worth while making sure something else isn't going on.

    I've found that exercise is a big help. I do exercises recommended by a physical therapist.

    You didn't mention swelling but if that's part of the picture, I've found that elevating my legs once or twice a day for 15 minutes by lying down with my legs up higher than my heart helps. A PT recommended that too.

    Wearing socks and shoes that are warm enough and don't constrict your circulation can help too.
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    It is a maddening symptom, isn't it? Mine are mostly freezing but can change on a dime to burning hot. Both flip sides of a paresthesia and again Neurontin was the drug used to treat them. I couldn't think on the N so I just leaned to live w it. Heavy socks help and I have a blanket on the couch in the LR at all times. Right now it's a heated single blanket. In the warmer months it's a fleece.

    Be prepared to whip those socks off and kick off the blanket- as the cold foot paresthesia flips into the burning hot one.

    It's very annoying. Mine has never heralded numbness but has, at times, been part of an exacerbation.

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    Early in my MS journey, I had the sensation I was standing in ice water all the time, even when wearing UGH boots! Then for a time I felt like I was standing on a rope or my socks, which I didn't even have on, were bunched up under my toes. All this was more than 10 years ago.
    Never took anything for it, just endured it.
    Like Ann, I still get cold feet, but not like I did way back then. Now sometimes when they feel very cold, they are not cold to the touch, or stranger yet, one is cold to the touch and the other is not. Like Ann, my feet can switch from cold to hot too.

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    Tingling and numbness both very common sx of MS aka as Parasthesia. If it happens as part of a MS relapse, it may or may not resolve completely. However, if your doctor uses high-dose corticosteroids (Solu-Medrol) to reduce your relapse duration and severity, these may bring lasting relief from the numbness and tingling, as well. Seems paresthesia! For that, you can try mini meditation - try closing your eyes and just allow your thoughts to drift for a little while -– as little as 5 minutes can be helpful. Furthermore,there are a couple of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approaches that have helped some people with their paresthesias; Biofeedback is said by some people to really help MS sensory symptoms, acupuncture helps.Also low levels of vitamin B12, a deficiency that is more common in people with MS, could cause similar symptoms. You may want to look into getting this level checked, just to be sure.You can also try a Dietary Approach. Paleo diet seems to work with most MSers.

    Hope it helps!

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