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Thread: Can Congenital CSF Leak Lead to Psychiatric Problems?

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    Lightbulb Can Congenital CSF Leak Lead to Psychiatric Problems?

    Hi, after many years of wondering why she has a perpetually very runny nose, after a CAT scan, my 38 year-old wife was recently diagnosed with congenital CSF, caused by missing bone above the sinuses.

    Her mother also has a history of meningitis and probably has CSF, as well.

    My question relates to whether or not CSF could cause psychiatric issues. My wife had been previously diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, long before she was diagnosed with CSF. She has taken psychiatric medications to manage these issues with mixed success for years.

    Could high or low pressure on the brain, caused by congenital CSF, contribute to psychiatric issues? Thanks!

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    I too was diagnosed with anxiety and obsessive-complulsive disorder in the early 80's. Found out I had a CSF leak in 2003. I don't know if there is a connection but I do know that the leak and/or high/low pressure sure makes the issues worse. I leak sometimes from the nose and sometimes from the ear.

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