I try to make friends and they just turn on me so I just make friends on the computer and talk to people on here and stuff that understand me.
Yes I have animals I have one 16yr old cat 6chihuahuas 1lab mix and 1 german sheperd mix.The cat (callie) and one of the chihuahuas(Radar) and the lab mix (Nutz) r my babies I love them to death.I take care of them and play with them.And I keep my cat brushed and when she needs meds I do it.Also I help take care of the others to.I clip claws and stuff.Also The German sheperd mix she is outside she is about 12yrs old.She is my baby to she has been with us since we found her on the road when she was about 4months old she loves to be carried and loved but she has got old now and it hurts her to be held to long now.But she is still my baby.Nutz was also found on the road.He is 3yrs old.And I BIG baby lol he weighs about 55pounds but thinks he weighs 5pounds lol.He was somewhat scared when he showed up and he was realllly skinny and dehydrated when we found him but I work with him and he his fat sassy and best of all happy lol.He was about 3months old when we found him.My chihuahua Radar will be 8yrs old this year I have had him since he was 7months he was this little scared dog that would bite anyone but me.He has always loved me.He is my baby he pick me as his person I worked and worked with that dog.It took about 2yrs after I got him.But know at 7yrs old he is the sweetest boy and loves everyone.He is a really good boy and knows alot of tricks.